Filming takes place on the Christopher Nolan directed war movie 'Dunkirk' in the exact spot where, 76 years ago to this week, 100,000 soldiers were evacuated. During filming a number of locals were stopped from entering the beach with one person in a land yacht coming very close to driving straight across the set. Three warships circled off the coast adding to the war-like atmosphere while cast members held up cutouts of soldiers to create the illusion of more people in battle. Featuring: Atmosphere Where: Dunkirk, France When: 23 May 2016 Credit:

Teaser trailer de ‘Dunkirk’, novo filme de Christopher Nolan

A Warner Bros. Pictures Brasil divulgou o teaser-trailer em português de ‘Dunkirk‘, do diretor Christopher Nolan (‘Interestelar’, ‘A Origem’, trilogia ‘Cavaleiro das Trevas’).

A estreia foi agendada para 21 de Julho de 2017.

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